The Rotary Club of Wellington Active Committees.


      Contact all Chairs directly for committee involvement.


  1. Membership.     Chair. Jasmine Valez.

Function.   Recruitment and retention of all new and current members.


  1. Service/Fund Raising.     Chair Carol O’Neal.

Function.   All fund raising and sponsorship activities. Inc. event organization and management.


  1. Community Outreach.   Chair   Maggie Zeller.

Function.   Dictionary Project and any other such outreach projects.

Charitable Giving Committee Chair.

“Hands on” outreach with working groups supporting our various charities.


     4. Interact.     Chair. Tim Chance

Function. Liaison and support of our two High School Interact Clubs. Student of the Quarter Functions in association with Jay Broder.

5. Peace Initiative.   Chair. Dr. Wes Boughner.


Rotary Club of Wellington Peace Initiative and Ceremony.

Scholarship Foundation Committee Chair.


6. Public Relations.   Chair.   Bob Salerno.

Function. Club PR and press releases. Social Media (Facebook etc) releases.


7. Scholarship.   Chair. Jay Broder.

Function. Solicitation of student requests for scholarships. Review of applications and selection of winning students. Plus Student od the Qtr. Administration.


8. Administration. Chair. Randy Pfeiffer.

Function.   Parliamentary advice to board and club. Maintain and update of club By-Laws.


9. Foundation.   Chair.   Tom Eastwood.

Function. All aspects of club support for Rotary International Foundation.

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